When WordPress Fails…

After our last trip in December, we are now back in Florida. For good? I don’t know. We don’t have any travel plans lurking at the moment, which brings me to panic because I don’t have anything to write about! “That Traveling Nurse” is ALL about the traveling so what is the point of going on if I am just going to be stuck here at home?!? I should change my blog name to something more appropriate and change my style and theme… yes, I am in another quandary. That much is obvious.

But wait, before that quandary above became a quandary today, I decided last week to write a post about Alaska, because, you know this blog is about traveling. Sort of like a little side tale to add to the collection of stories I have published about our Alaska trip already. And because really I have nothing else new and exciting.

The post was about bears. I had a grand time reminiscing our great Alaskan road trip like I always do, looking back at our photos and selecting which ones had the bear images that I could use. I wrote the post and sprinkled it with my favorite bear shots in between.

Then it was time to publish. I automatically looked at the “save” button out of habit even though I knew that WordPress has recently added the auto save function so while you are writing your post, it saves at intervals, which is really a nice feature. However, this time around, the “save” button was missing. A little warning shot fired inside my brain. Uh-oh. Was my work saved? There was no way out of this draft unless I hit publish or refresh. I couldn’t dare hit publish because the anal person in me wants to review and edit first what I wrote. So I clicked refresh and of course, it asked if I wanted to stay or leave the page. I wanted to leave the page, praying that the auto save function kicked in.

No, it did not save anything but the first three lines!!!

I was crushed, appalled, mad… and beyond frustrated! I am sure those of you who have experienced the same thing have felt this way too, right? That I am not just over reacting? When you have finished doing something that you are pleased and proud of, when you have worked hard to do it with your blood, sweat and tears (I am not just talking about blog posts here now) and then, only to have that something lost, stolen,Β destroyed or worse, not appreciated? Arghhh!!!

My bears were lost in cyberspace. I have their images saved on my media file though. But their stories, gone.

Plus, I refuse to write it all over again.

I seeked help from the WordPress gurus and it was quite awesome their chat feature that I found. I liked it better than waiting for an email response the next day because you are chatting with a live person in real time. So even if the tech person in charge that night didn’t really find my missing post, I felt a little bit better that I was able to vent and tell them my frustrations about the glitches that just happened. Hopefully, they can fix it in due time.

In the meantime, here are my bears…

**No bears or fishermen were harmed in these shots**

18 thoughts on “When WordPress Fails…

  1. Well you still will be traveling in your area.
    Florida has such a rich culture and it would be fun with how descriptive you are in your writing.
    There is the natural surroundings including the Everglades, then there are the keys and in Miami…what can I say about Miami other than WOW!!

    Hope you find your writing mojo!

    Come by and see our Einstein post. What do you think?

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    1. That is true. I’ve lived in Florida long enough that I have stopped appreciating its natural beauty. It takes someone else to point it out and for that I thank you. And yeah, its just a lot going on with my life too that my writing mojo is in the dumps. I haven’t seen your post yet but is it about gravitational forces and black holes? That is awesome news eh? πŸ˜‰ Thank you, again!

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  2. But you have such a zest for life, travel and putting words and pictures so succinctly, so don’t you dare disappear LOL! There’s so much around you and you always tell a pretty tale :). As for WP, yes, that’s happened to me too, and I don’t like the changes that WP have made. I prefer going to the older version, which you can still access. The newer version has too many distractions, bells and whistles. Good luck! I like your bear pictures, I needed a magnifying glass πŸ™‚

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    1. If my pictures were any bigger, they would either be blurry or I would be dead! hahaha… no thanks, I’ll stick with my zoom lens with the bear far, far away. That way they remain to be cute and cuddly to me. Actually, the tech support I chatted with that night suggested I use the old format to write on because it’s more stable than the newer versions. So thats what I used this time around. As for writing, I will have to summon all the inspiration and writing genies that I can muster for right now. At the same time, I am so very much appreciative of you hanging out here. πŸ˜‰ I will always stop by your blog for food since food makes me happy. πŸ™‚

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      1. Ha ha that was a joke Belle (re the bears). I can never forget my experiences on a safari in Kenya, my word, I didn’t think I’d survive seeing all those animals up close and in their natural habitat. The lions scared me the most. Oh good to know that the tech suggested the older version, I still swear by that to be honest. Always happy to hear of your trips and adventures. We’ve got a few planned for this year, and I’m very excited already. Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

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          1. I can never visit a zoo anymore, especially after seeing the animals in their natural habitat. As far as our trips this year, England (where my folks live), then a flight to Lisbon where we will spend 8 days exploring. Hopefully looking at a trip in September to the Canadian Rockies by train. A quick trip with hubby in April to Puerto Rico.

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  3. I can’t believe the bears are just wandering around freely like that. I would never be able to relax, haha. I hear you about WP, their latest version of the editor is pretty bad. One trick I discovered is if you want to save, you can select any category to make the save option appear. Deselect the unwanted category and then hit save. Or just continue to use the original editor.

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  4. There have been times that our dear WordPress has caused me similar pain! It’s usually late in the evening after writing a brilliant post about a long hard day on the road and with an equally long one to come tomorrow. . .!
    Now I write the post separately and import to WP, then insert the photos etc before hitting the big “Publish” button. It saves tears and prevents throwing the iPad against the wall! πŸ™‚


    1. Ah, glad to hear I am not alone… not that I am glad such a thing happened to you because it can be pretty frustrating. I am writing on my desktop so at least it is bigger I cannot throw it easily against the wall. hehe. Like you, I used to write the post separately too. From now on, I will just use the old version.


  5. I adore those pic of bears πŸ˜€ Maybe you should slightly change the title of your blog for “traveling with magnifying glasses” πŸ˜‰ Just kidding!
    I dont worry at all about your inspiration for new posts, even though you are not currently traveling. I bet you have so many beautiful pic to share with us, and stories don’t have to be the ones of the month.Would be too bad to deprive us from your great writing my dear!

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    1. You just gave me my biggest smile for the night! Now that makes us even. πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for your support and encouragement Estelea! As for the bears, umm…. I could put a little hint up in the post to use magnifying glasses! Just like my other blogger friend also commented about using a magnifying lens, I told her I am happy with my zoom lens because that means I am far, far away from the bears. That way they stay cute and adorable. hehe.

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