Birthday Wishes

So, its my birthday…. what do I want? Feeling oddly nostalgic and a tad insightful tonight, I didn’t really want to write but words and thoughts are just so busy in my brain right now that they need to come out.

Hence, this random “wish-rant.”


I wish I wasn’t turning ??-2 this year. Geez, I can’t believe I’m that old! Really?

I wish I had known that life wouldn’t be as complicated.

I wish for more simple happier times, when all that gave you trouble was failing to study for that dreaded exam, or when your crush failed to notice your new ‘do.

I wish the smart phone, tablet and e-reader weren’t invented.

I wish those grey hairs haven’t found my head. They seem to like camping there and looks like they are in for the long haul.

I wish friends, the true and loyal kind, the one who gets you without having to explain too much of yourself, were easy to find.

I wish you didn’t have to chose between happiness and reality.

I wish I stopped picking my fingers. Ugh, bad habit.

I wish world peace could be served on a silver platter.

I wish my eye-sight was still 20/20.

I wish it was as easy to follow your heart.

I wish people weren’t so sensitive and judgmental. (Key to world peace)

I wish creativity would feed your belly and then I could just paint my heart away.

I wish relationships came with a manual for dummies.

I wish I wasn’t too much of a square peg in a round hole.

I wish money grew on trees. Wouldn’t that make life easier?

At the same time, I wish money wasn’t the root of all evil, or wait, was it people?

I wish I could fly. Makes traveling less expensive. I know, wishful thinking!!!

I wish for an election where people don’t hate their friends because of their political beliefs. Thank God for that “unfollow” or “unfriend” (might be a little too harsh here) button on Facebook!

I still wish sometimes for that all American dream with the big house and white picket fence, a dog, kids and a mini-van! Umm, maybe not the mini-van.

PS: my husband randomly wished for a dishwasher that washed “non-dishwashables!” How cool would that be?!

Let’s get crazy and creative tonight. I want to hear your wishes too! 




11 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Let me be the first to wish that all your above wishes come true on this your -2nd birthday Belle. I wish you all that and much much more. Love the list by the way :). Enjoy your special day, and God Bless you, it’s been great getting to know you via blogging. xo

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    1. You are so sweet as always Loretta! I’ve been blessed despite the many challenges I’ve faced, more so recently but you know what, life goes on. So thankful for my blogger friends who keep me sane. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! 🙂


  2. 1. I agree 100% with your husband about the dishwasher, but its NOT our day, is it? 🙂 I am an unknown friend, THANK FUL and willing to Celebrate YOUR BIRTH DAY. I can’t even imagine the thousands of lives YOU”VE touched, and shared intimately with. I appreciate your sense of humor and the certain Positive Energy that you continue to bring and share with the world- despite grey hairs. The world is a better place because you were born, so I join all the others out there that know you, and celebrate your birth! keep on inspiring, loving, and tending to others. YOU are appreciated by all of them as well, I’m certain. Namaste from an unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂 and OH YEAH, of course – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope you get all your wishes. 🙂

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    1. Wow, you have the best birthday wish and greeting everrrrr!!!! 🙂 Not even my friends and family wrote something like that. I have a feeling you are a positive and upbeat person and to add more to my wishes (though my birthday is officially over), I wish there were more people in the universe like you. Thank you so very much for making me smile this morning! 🙂 Namaste unknown friend!

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      1. Do you mean why I wished you Belated? This post was posted on 15 March and I am late in wishing you…. LOL. Today is mine and my wish is for my parents and friends to be healthy so they will always be around.


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