A Car, a Dog and an Airplane

What do these things have in common?


So where have I been these past two-ish months? I can barely even remember my last post, I had to cheat and take a quick look. Yeah, my Haiku Fridays is still alive and kicking, struggling most of the time to come up with the weekly photo challenges, sometimes late, but hey, it’s still there!

Surprisingly, despite the lack of substantial posts from That Traveling Nurse, I am quite amazed by those who are still reading and following, thank you! To my new friends, thank you for taking the time to read, view, browse whatever it is that I have to say, rant or post. I guess my online presence is still floating somewhere in WordPress-land.

Anyway, after my awesome tattoo was just getting ready to heal, I got into a car accident. I was driving on my way to work when I rear-ended another vehicle. Visions of the airbag deploying and smoke afterwards (from chemicals in the airbag I learned afterwards) are still vivid in my memory. The driver that I hit made an abrupt stop so she could avoid hitting another vehicle who also made a sudden stop in order to avoid hitting the first stupid driver who decided to make a U-turn the last minute and not use his turn signal. Collision totally unavoidable at all. Thinking of it just makes me think how lucky and blessed I am to be alive. It wasn’t a major crash by any means, my car just got totaled due to airbag deployment and damage to its internal structural integrity or whatever and I came out with only a minor bruise on my sternum and right hip from the seatbelt. But horror stories you hear on the news about people getting seriously hurt from faulty airbags caused me additional distress. It could have happened to me. I am just seriously happy to come out technically unscathed.

I was more “damaged” internally than I was physically. The incident was a real eye opener like I was given a sudden icy cold dowse of water. And the message for me was…. slow down!  Literally and figuratively. It was my very first major car accident but I think it shook my husband more than me. He said I have nerves of steel, even if I told him I cried the moment that kind driver who witnessed the accident stopped to ask if I was okay and offered to call 911 because I was too shaken up.

So that kept me busy for awhile…. doctor’s visits, insurance, online traffic school, car shopping, more paperworks and phone calls, ugh!

And then Diggie came to our lives.

This amazing little canine who melted our hearts. We have been talking about getting a dog. Actually, it was me who really wanted one and I was just kind of subtly coercing my hubby to agree. We wanted to adopt so I was, over the past couple of months researching online looking for available dogs.

One day a few weeks after my car accident, I suggested to hubby that we go check out an adoption shelter a couple of miles away. We came down to select four dogs. The first dog was cute and almost to our liking but there was something not right with him. So we decided to see the next one, which was a chihuahua. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of having a chihuahua. We both just didn’t like them (initially)! But this tiny little brown ball of fur decided that he wanted us. He jumped straight into my husband’s lap when they brought him to meet us and my husband just said,
“he’s the one” and wanted to take him home right then and there.

Fast forward to one month after lots of puppy love and cuteness overload, house breaking and toilet training, meet our new baby. He is 21 weeks old.

First time in the beach. He didn’t like the waters too much.

That made me busy, like really super busy. This dog really changed our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Diggie is our first dog together so a lot of adjustments and learning had to be made, both human and canine.

And then an airplane trip to Central America.

Costa Rica!!! Need I say more. This was our short break from the mundane ordinary life. After the accident and the stress of adopting a new pet, we really needed this. Of yoga and surfing, volcanos and waterfalls and so much more! Being the wanderlust that I am, this deserves a separate post. Of course! I got lots to tell. Thats why That Traveling Nurse was born in the first place, to share my stories and photos of travel and adventure.

Please stay tuned for more Pura Vida stories!!!


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