7 thoughts on “A Haiku on “Magic”

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    Feeling inspired today by the Traveling Nurse’s Haiku on “Magic.”
    I might try to write a few of my own Haikus.
    I wrote some and illustrated them in the early 2000s and later in 2008. I feel like it’s coming back to me at full force during this busy holiday time.
    I actually find reprieve in Haiku writing. Haiku to me is like an island in the midst of the vast ocean of writing.
    I need to spend some time on this Haiku island to gain strength to head out back into the ocean of writing.
    Sometimes, like most writers and authors, I am intimidated by my upcoming writing. I know the idea has already taken some form in my head, and it is waiting to break out.
    Will it be the right time and shape for that idea?
    I’ve been carrying all these ideas in me for a long long time.
    I’ve also been storing the products of my ideas on the shelves of my book cases for what seems like infinity.
    Sometimes, I find old stories all dusty and fading on the yellow paper. Editors demanded hard print copies back then.
    As I pick those products back up, I wonder what am I going to do with them this time?
    Should I wake them up and bring them to life? Like a sleeping giant or a boring midget?
    I have an entire collection “Glass Flowers” (c) Emma Palova that was inspired by an important time in my life.
    I am dusting that off and bringing it out into the daylight.
    It’s about time for my “Glass Flowers” to be broken into endless pieces.
    Copyright (c) 2016 Emma Blogs, LLC. All rights reserved.

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