Merry Me, Merry You!

That Traveling Nurse wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Even during the hard and tough times. Even when I didn’t feel like having that Christmas spirit. Even when I thought I was being a grinch. I still managed to put up a decor or two. No, not the whole shebang Christmas tree presentation, no, that was too much effort. Just a Christmas stocking here and a simple wreath there sufficed during those bleak times.  Simple and quick. Anything to symbolize the season. A quick pick-me-upper.

This year is a different year. I am celebrating with the whole shebang in mind knowing that in the years to come who knows I might be that grinch again. We got a fresh Christmas tree and whenever we do that, that means game on! I decorate the inside, hubby does the outside. Sometimes he likes to go crazy with his light display too. Plus it is our first Christmas with Diggie, our adorable adopted canine love.

Not the whole world celebrates Christmas, that I am aware. Everyone is different and I respect that. But even if you don’t, I am still wishing you, yes, YOU, a happy, healthy, meaningful holiday with family or friends wherever you are in the world…..

Thank you for hanging out with me in 2016.

See y’all next year!!!!


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