Who is That Traveling Nurse?

IMG_0671“Hi, I’m Belle. I’ll be your nurse for tonight. I’ll be here for you until 7 this morning. Do you need pain meds? Help to the bathroom? Fluffing your pillow? If there is anything else I can do for you, let me know by pushing that call button. “

That isn’t me. That is my husband who also happens to be a nurse. At the time I started this blog, I couldn’t find any pic of me in my scrubs so that will have to do. (And I like to keep it that way so that this little space is dedicated to my hubby as well.)

The intro above is a common “script” all nurses must use when first entering our patient’s room. If you are also a nurse (or a healthcare worker), you can easily relate to this. But let’s NOT talk about work here. Yes, my husband and I are both nurses and we LOVE to travel! So this blog is also in a way telling his story because he goes where I go and vice versa (give or take a few solo trips). I am (no longer) new to the blogging world so I will (still) be making mistakes every now and then and (still) hoping to learn from them. After all, aren’t we supposed to learn from our mistakes? I have been thinking about blogging for quite awhile now and after a friend encouraged me to do so, one night, while doing seven loads of laundry, That Traveling Nurse was born!

This “About Me” page is a work in progress.  As I journal my way in words and in photos through the blogosphere, I shall be revisiting this space every so often and tweak it here and there. Of course, I just celebrated my one year blogsary last February and my tenth year wedding anniversary in January and a few other little happenings in between. I have come a long waaay baby! 

Through the generosity and graciousness of my blogging friends, I also have garnered some blogging awards. The Liebster, the Versatile Blogger and the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Even if there is some hint of debate behind these so-called awards, for that, I am still extremely happy and proud to be recognized by my peers. Hey, it takes so little to make me happy!

My hubby and I wear our scrubs three nights a week for 12 hours (or more!) taking care of sick patients. The rest of our days, we dream and talk about travel and adventure. I dream some more of beautiful places and images and creative outlets. The idea of going to a place, ANY place for that matter, local or foreign always excites the wanderlust in me. And soon you will notice as you read more and more of my posts, that I like to take photos too. Add shutterbug to the repertoire and that makes for good story telling.

Welcome to my blog, my friends!

That Iceland trip that made me do seven loads of laundry while the rest is history!

40 thoughts on “Who is That Traveling Nurse?

    1. Thank you for dropping by! I noticed some of your posts are in Polish? (pls correct me if I’m wrong) and some are in English. I would be glad to read the English ones! 🙂
      We went to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis but missed it due to cloud cover. I envy you. I am still hoping to see them one day… Good luck to you too!


      1. Yes, our blog is bilingual. In our menu you can find section with posts in polish and English posts. Let me know how does it work. We are still trying to figure out how to organize those two languages on the blog. Any feedback is more than welcome.
        I envy you for going to Iceland. It must have been beautiful. And yeah I know what you mean with Northern Lights, we have a lot of tourists coming here all way from China and Japan just to see the Aurora, but not all of them have a good luck. But, oh well, you still have a reason to go up north!

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        1. I think it’s cool to have a bilingual blog! That way everybody is happy… So who is clumsy and who is stupid? 🙂
          Iceland is beyond words! Even during winter when we went, the scenery is just out of this world. I would love to go back during summer. People say it is even more prettier.


        2. My travel blog I do in German and English due to many friends who can’t speak English or vice versa. With my photo blog I mix the languages – sometimes I find it hard to express or translate into English. But so what?

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    1. “Traveling is always like defibrillation of one’s life” ~ oh my, such wise words at such a young age. I don’t know if you intended to use that word considering I’m a nurse or you just simply threw it in there out of the blue but THAT my friend is just brilliant! Like a defibrillator, traveling does indeed jumpstart our unbeating hearts (lives) and allow us to breathe and live once again. It is the antidote to boredom, the elixir of life. Thank you for making my night! I might just be inspired to write a post about what you said some time. 🙂

      To get the different look on the VBA, I just googled VBA images and you can get different versions of it.

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  1. Hello Belle, I travel nursed for twenty plus years. I had a blog then entitled, “Have LPN Must Travel”, after the old TV show, Have Gun Will Travel. I worked so much then I didn’t have time to enjoy myself as you two are now. Now that I’m semi-retired I write about building my retirement home (my bus named Easy). Have as much fun as you can while you’re working so you can have even more fun when you retire.

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    1. Why hello fellow gypsy RN! 🙂 You traveled a long time. My hubby and I are just starting so we will see if we can do this for a couple of years. Lots of challenges and stress but the rewards of seeing the country cannot be exchanged for anything! We both love traveling so thats why we decided to go this route. I appreciate you dropping this note. Thank you very much! 🙂


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