A Haiku on “Shadow”

It’s Haiku Fridays, People!


Let your light shine forth
and your shadows behind you
Just smile and move on

(In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on Shadow)

I’ve been away for almost a month now. Now that I’m home, coming back to blogging has been hard but I had to force myself to sit and put myself in the zone. I celebrated my 3rd year “blogsary” last February 5th with nary a blog post but that was because I didn’t want to celebrate my little achievement, it was because I didn’t have any means to write down my thoughts (no, my mobile phone doesn’t count). Hopefully, this haiku today will jumpstart my blogging brain once again. And I sure do have lots of stories to tell….

Stay tuned!!!

My 15 Favorite Photos for the Year 2016

The year has come and gone. 2017 here we come!

But before we welcome the new year, let me recap memories gone by (so quick, right?) with a photo list of my faves. Like my previous year-ender post, I wanted to wrap up my travels these past 12 months with these precious photos. They have all been wonderful and amazing experiences! From the mind and body oriented yoga retreat and yet adventure filled short trip to Costa Rica to the jaw dropping views and sceneries of Ireland, there were so many things we learned about others and about ourselves as well. What is a trip without a lesson learned or two!

Here they are in no particular order. I hope these inspire you to dream and travel some more!

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Forest at Torc Falls, Killarney National Park, Ireland
Ballycarberry Castle, Ireland
Muckross Abbey, Ireland
Ross Castle, Killarney National Park, Ireland
St Finn Barre’s Cathedral, Ireland
County Antrim, Northern Ireland
County Antrim, Northern Ireland
the field and the beech tree
The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
Killarney National Park, Ireland
El Higueron de Cabuya, Costa Rica
not a soul in sight
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
the access road from the beach to the main road
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Merry Me, Merry You!

That Traveling Nurse wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Even during the hard and tough times. Even when I didn’t feel like having that Christmas spirit. Even when I thought I was being a grinch. I still managed to put up a decor or two. No, not the whole shebang Christmas tree presentation, no, that was too much effort. Just a Christmas stocking here and a simple wreath there sufficed during those bleak times. ┬áSimple and quick. Anything to symbolize the season. A quick pick-me-upper.

This year is a different year. I am celebrating with the whole shebang in mind knowing that in the years to come who knows I might be that grinch again. We got a fresh Christmas tree and whenever we do that, that means game on! I decorate the inside, hubby does the outside. Sometimes he likes to go crazy with his light display too. Plus it is our first Christmas with Diggie, our adorable adopted canine love.

Not the whole world celebrates Christmas, that I am aware. Everyone is different and I respect that. But even if you don’t, I am still wishing you, yes, YOU, a happy, healthy, meaningful holiday with family or friends wherever you are in the world…..

Thank you for hanging out with me in 2016.

See y’all next year!!!!