Week Five: Art Inspires

When you are surrounded by nature and art, you can’t help but BE inspired. There is just so much beauty everywhere. To not appreciate what is right in front of you is just plain unspeakable. I find it depressing when even the most obvious ones do not even elicit a positive response. How much more for the simple and ordinary things.

From the visually appealing art museums and art studios to the otherwise mundane secret world of street graffiti.


From one mountain peak to the next lush valley. From the serene lakes to the roaring waterfalls. From the colorful wildflowers to the tallest evergreens.


From delectable fresh organic cuisine to savory cheap food truck options. From  hundreds of independent breweries to world class wineries.


From its friendly locals to the eclectic street performers.


When inspiration strikes, let it happen. 

All these led me to create THIS.


And there will be more…

Thank you Asheville for feeding my soul with art and beauty!