A Haiku on “Shadow”

It’s Haiku Fridays, People!


Let your light shine forth
and your shadows behind you
Just smile and move on

(In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on Shadow)

I’ve been away for almost a month now. Now that I’m home, coming back to blogging has been hard but I had to force myself to sit and put myself in the zone. I celebrated my 3rd year “blogsary” last February 5th with nary a blog post but that was because I didn’t want to celebrate my little achievement, it was because I didn’t have any means to write down my thoughts (no, my mobile phone doesn’t count). Hopefully, this haiku today will jumpstart my blogging brain once again. And I sure do have lots of stories to tell….

Stay tuned!!!

“Ang Bahay ni Lolo”


English translation: My grandfather’s house

Built in the early 1900s, this ancestral house is reminiscent of its colonial history when the Philippines was under the Spanish regime. My mother and her siblings grew up here. Likewise, my brother and I and my cousins all had wonderful memories of many a-summers day playing and listening to our grandfather tell stories of his interesting past.

Now, the house has been beaten and battered by several typhoons and no one is currently living here. Or so they say… Read here to find out more.

10404443_10152787473283166_898497183805665418_n 2

Which photo do you think has more impact?