Close Up Treasures

I have to admit I got sick and tired of Photo 101 this weekend. I was behind on my assignments, I had a visiting friend from out of town and I have tons of laundry to do!

In short, life happened.

But like everything else in life, you get up and move on. You can either chose to do it or don’t. Be happy or depressed. Have a good attitude or not. Your choice.

So, I decided to do it. In my own sweet time, no pressure, no rush. Hey, there are no deadlines here!

Here are my treasures… My passions… Up close and personal.


My classmate, ex-boyfriend, nursing buddy, travel partner, co-conspirator. My hubby. He is my number one treasure. This is our wedding album and this represents all the happy memories in our ten years of marriage.


This is a close up of a globe. The geography represented here is random, it merely suggests our dreams of traveling the world. My hubby and I love to travel. Since we work full time, we cannot travel non-stop (as much as I secretly would want to) so we travel in bits and pieces wherever and whenever our paths may take us.


I love to read. I am passionate about books (the REAL ones). Barnes and Noble is my sanctuary and when we cannot travel, I do so through my books.


My art. Next to travel and books, I also dabble in painting. I love the colors that you can create by combining different hues. When I hold my brush, I get lost in time transported to a different world where beauty is everywhere. In the broad strokes. In the finest details.

What are YOUR passions?